PGA Tour Contemplates Moves

Several news organizations are reporting that the PGA Tour is considering moving the Tour Championship to September, and the Players Championship to May.

If adopted, the changes would occur when the new TV contract takes effect in 2007.

It’s not an attempt to shorten the season, though, according to PGA Tour Comissioner Tim Finchem.

Why, then?

Here’s my theory—although nothing I’ve read backs it up: Moving these events to May and September (from March and November) gives them a chance to stand alone in the spotlight.

In March, the eyes of the sports world are focused on college basketball.  In November, its College and Pro Football.

Even the Golf Blogger doesn’t watch golf in November. Not on Saturdays when either West Virginia and Michigan are on tv (and when isn’t Michigan on tv?). And on Sundays, I’m too busy watching my fantsy team scores to pay attention to golf.

Moving these events also might give guys like Tiger the chance to quit the season early. They can finish the Tour Championship, and then hang up their spikes for the year. The way it is now, they need to stay in playing shape until November.

The major downside of this is that the post-Tour Championship events become afterthoughts to the season—important only to those bottom tier players who are looking to keep their card, or to the few players who have the opportunity to win—and care about—the money title.

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