PGA Tour Extends Loan To Canadian Tour

An interesting story: the PGA Tour will loan the Canadian Tour an unspecified amount of money and also assist them in development and sponsorship.

“Understanding its current financial issues, the PGA Tour has agreed to lend support to the Canadian Tour in 2012,” said Ed Moorhouse, the PGA Tour’s co-chief operating officer. “Our goal is to help lend stability to the Canadian Tour, which we believe plays an important role in professional golf and has proven to be a valuable system for developing players over the years.

“We will assess the situation with the Canadian Tour during the course of the coming year to determine what level of PGA Tour support should be provided moving forward.”

The PGA Tour currently has plans to expand into Central and South America with a developmental tour. I wonder if a similar fate is in store for the Canadian Tour—that is, becoming a wing of the PGA Tour.

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