PGA Tour May Open Title Sponsorships To Liquor Companies

With traditional sponsors from the financial and auto industries tanking, The Sporting News says that the PGA Tour may loosen its restrictions on liquor company sponsorships. The Tour currently doesn’t allow liquor companies to be tournament title, “official” or shirt sponsors (except when the liquor company has an apparel line). The Sporting News speculates that the sponsorships would be limited to events with four-round coverage from The Golf Channel, since network television still is prohibited from broadcasting liquor ads.

It’s a good idea. The worse things get, the more people drink. smile

2 thoughts on “PGA Tour May Open Title Sponsorships To Liquor Companies”

  1. I can’t think of any PGA events which are sponsored by Beer companies which can advertise on TV.  And while I know that liquour is consumed in great quantities at my club, beer is consumed in much greater quantities.  I suspect even at the exclusive clubs you are more likely to find a frosty beverage than a wine or liquour on the course at least.


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