PGA Tour Will Promote Younger Players

With the huge vacuum created in Tiger’s absence, the PGA Tour plans to promote its younger players in the upcoming season.

That’s a no-brainer. Even if Tiger wasn’t slumping, promoting the next generation would be the smart thing to do. Tiger’s 35 now, and I’ve always predicted that he won’t be one of those guys playing through mediocre seasons in his forties (although that prediction might be out the window if—like Emmett Smith—he hangs on long past his prime to pad his numbers.)

Fortunately, the Tour has a coterie of young guns right now. And these guys aren’t just the result of media hype, like Ty Tyron and others in recent memory. Dustin Johnson nearly won two Majors and then bounced back from even those disappointments. Rickie Fowler also looks like the real deal. And then there are the young Euros: Martin Kaymer, Rory McIlroy and perhaps even Louis Oosthuizen.

It looks like a very interesting couple season ahead.

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1 thought on “PGA Tour Will Promote Younger Players”

  1. Well Kaymer and McIllroy won’t be getting much push from the Tour though, they both have spurned it. 

    What is McDowell going to do next year?  Europe or PGA?  I would look for the PGA to do a lot of promotion with him if he is here.


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