Pokka Pens – Every Day Carry

Pokka Pens - Every Day Carry

Pokka Pens – Every Day Carry

Pokka Pens are small enough to fit into your pocket, but extend to full length when needed. As a teacher, I am constantly called on to sign hall passes, absence forms, assignment forms, log in sheets and other endless scraps. I must sign my name fifty times a day — and yet I never seem to have a pen on hand (usually because I’ve lent them to some kid who didn’t have one of their own).

I need these.

Pokka Pens feature:

  • Compact and lightweight in your pocket, opens to full sized for writing.
  • Patented O-ring closure seals out dust and dirt. They even float!
  • Get 8 for the price of one “nasa pen” – don’t sweat losing them!
  • Medium point black ink. Refills available at pokkapens.com
  • Rugged construction – made in the USA.
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