Poulter Wouldn’t Trade Ryder Cup Memories For A Major

Ian Poulter is making the news rounds because he told CNBC that he wouldn’t trade his Ryder Cup memories for a Major:

“I haven’t won a major and everyone keeps telling me I haven’t won a major. But for me the Ryder Cup has been my major and I wouldn’t trade my memories or my time in the Ryder Cup. That trophy has meant so much to so many people over the years.”

I believe him. I also think that in many ways, the Majors are overrated. The whole “you can’t be considered a great golfer unless you’ve won a Major” mantra is just plain wrong. Winning a major is as much luck and timing as anything. I can give you a fairly long list of Major winners who really weren’t that great.

Poulter is a great player without a Major. I particularly admire his “up from the pro-shop” story.

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1 thought on “Poulter Wouldn’t Trade Ryder Cup Memories For A Major”

  1. Yes I have doubt what Poulter is saying is correct. You could tell from his reaction during the Ryder Cup how much it meant to him. It was like as if he won 3 majors in one go.

    There has and is lots of players that haven’t won majors but are still great players. I don’t think it should be the defining part to a golfers career.

    Different tournaments means different things to players.


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