Principal’s Golf Cart Causes Uproar

A principal in Montgomery County, Maryland, has caused community outrage by tooling around the high school campus on a golf cart:

The redesigned $87 million Richard Montgomery High School, flagship of the Montgomery County school system, occupies a building that’s as long as two football fields. So Moreno Carrasco, the principal, decided to purchase a golf cart to help him get around.

This has not gone over well with some in the school community.

Parent activists have seized on the golf cart as a symbol of administrative excess in a school system that is asking everyone else to endure cuts. Superintendent Jerry D. Weast has curtailed all but essential spending as the county seeks to close a $297 million budget deficit.

My friends, as a teacher I can tell you that education—like golf—is a walking game.

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1 thought on “Principal’s Golf Cart Causes Uproar”

  1. My old high school has two buildings that big, and 4 more over half that size, and the only person on a golf cart was the deputy assigned to the school who would tool around the campus and the 3 500-car parking lots.  Of course our short principal whose waistline exceeded his height (literally), rarely ventured more than a couple hundred feet from his office – enough to get from the car to the office to the bathroom to a faculty lounge.  The enforcement came from his stormtroopers assigned to various offices on each of the floors of each of the buildings, each carrying a title, or sometimes two, like “vice principal”, “assistant principal” or the worst if you were a trouble maker- “coach”. 

    I think that this pricipal in Maryland probably should have tried the segway, at least then we wouldn’t be on his butt driving around.  Our campus security for our corporate headquarters uses segways to tool around our 150 acre campus and it seems to work pretty well.


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