Pro Football Player Wants His Son To Play Golf

NFL Cornerback Rasheen Mathesis doesn’t want his son to play football. The Detroit Lion is a four-handicapper, who says that his dream is to caddie for his son as a professional golfer.

“I know how taxing it (football) is on your body,” Mathis said. “Just being in the league a long time, I know how rough it could be. But if he loves it, he loves it, and I’m not going to pull it away from him. That’s not going to be the case, but I know that it’s taxing on your body, and there’s plenty other ways that you can make a living other than football.”

One sport Mathis said he’d have no problem letting his son play is golf.

An avid golfer with a 4-handicap, Mathis said most of his family vacations are to golf resorts. He lives on one course (Marsh Landing Country Club) and is a member of another (Glen Kernan Golf and Country Club) in his native Florida, and he often hits balls with his son in the backyard.

“I would love to be his caddie and him on the golf course,” Mathis said. “That’s a dream.”

Of course, golf also comes with its injuries. Just as Tiger Woods—unless you believe Hank Haney that the injuries came as a result of Woods’ navy SEAL training regimen.

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