Random Golf Items: Vodka, Anchoring and Stricker

Belvedere Vodka, a brand with which I am entirely unfamiliar, has signed on as the “Official Vodka of the PGA of America.” I guess that’s the point of sponsorships, though. The PGA gives the brand widespread exposure.  Still I wonder why the PGA of America thinks it needs an “official vodka.”

Troon Golf management has added its voice to those opposing the anchoring ban. On their blog, Troon writes:

While we respect the USGA’s leadership in the Rules of Golf, Troon supports the opinion expressed by the PGA Tour, the PGA of America, and the NGCOA, that banning anchoring is not in the best interest of the game. Our belief is centered on a desire to give all level of golfers more reasons to play and eliminate barriers that push potential players to invest their time and resources towards other leisure activities.

Doug Ferguson reports that Steve Stricker’s original plan this year was to defend at Kapalua, and then walk away from the game entirely. I for one am glad he didn’t. And I’m pretty sure Tiger also is happy Stricker stuck around. If Steve was in retirement, Tiger would not have gotten that putting lesson that launched him to a win at the WGC Cadillac. On the other hand, there are at least a hundred TOUR players who with that lesson had never been given.




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