Record Cold In Florida; The GolfBlogger Is Sympathetic

imageFlorida is in the midst of a cold snap and I can sympathize. According to an Orlando news station, here’s the tale of the tape:

Projected new record lows for Dec. 15
Orlando: 31 (Old record: 33, set in 1968)
Daytona Beach: 27 (Old record: 29, set in 1962)
Melbourne: 29 (Old record: 33, set in 1968)

On Tuesday, all three cities also broke records for lowest high temperatures:
Orlando: 49 (Old record: 54, set in 1962)
Daytona Beach: 48 (Old record: 52, set in 1965)
Orlando: 52 (Old record: 55, set in 1962)

Meanwhile, here in Ann Arbor, this is the forecast:


I grew up in Southern Maryland, which for the most part has very mild weather, but over the last twenty years, I’ve gotten used to Michigan winter. I don’t like them, but I have a large pile of sweaters and flannel lined pants that I can warm up in. I imagine that those folk in Florida don’t have such things in their closets. It’s got to be pretty miserable for them.

Here’s a solution: everyone should get out in their SUVs and drive around, spewing greenhouse gasses and returning Florida to expectations.

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