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TaylorMade has introduced the RedMAX, a new softer ball to complement the premium BlackMAXl. The MaxFli product. Even better – the RedMAX is designed so that players don’t’ need a high swing speed to take advantage of its qualities.

I really liked the BlackMax when I tried a box this last spring. I’m looking forward to trying the Red.

The full press release is below.

CARLSBAD, Calif. (October 11, 2005) – Maxfli Golf has complemented its popular BlackMAX golf ball with a new addition called RedMAX. While BlackMAX offers a tour-caliber combination of distance, control and spin, RedMAX places a premium on red-hot distance and warm, soft feel.

RedMAX’s two-piece construction incorporates a large, resilient, low-compression core that rebounds fast off the clubface yet feels soft while doing it. In addition, the core inhibits the amount of spin produced off the driver. Wrapped around the core is a lively Surlyn 293 copolymer cover that unites with the core to increase RedMAX’s COR to the upper reaches.

RedMAX also employs Maxfli’s single-radius 442-dimple design. The depth of each dimple and the angle of their edges are specifically engineered to promote a higher launch angle and low spin-rate off the driver, the combination of which promotes a high yet penetrating trajectory that carries deep toward the target.

The combination of RedMAX’s fast, low-spinning core with the high-launch/low-spin single-radius dimple design gives it a significant boost in distance. Yet not at the sacrifice of feel, thanks to the core’s low-compression properties and the thinner, softer cover, which not only contributes to RedMAX’s great feel, but also promotes increased spin and control off the irons.

“RedMAX’s two-piece construction was specifically engineered to deliver increased ball speed to promote added distance, but not at the expense of great feel,” says Dean Snell, senior director of research and development for golf balls. “RedMAX is also designed to make its distance-producing capabilities easily accessible to all levels of swing speeds. In other words, you don’t need to build a lot of clubhead speed to unlock the distance-producing properties of RedMAX. Rather, all types of players can benefit from the added yardage it’s engineered to deliver, not to mention its great feel.”

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $25 per dozen. Availability will begin at TaylorMade’s retail partners starting in November 2005.

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2 thoughts on “Red Max”

  1. Just to clarify—the RedMAX is not softer than the BlackMAX. It is softer than other two-piece distance balls it competes with. This ball is all about distance.

  2. I might give these a try. I think it is time to put some new ones in the bag. I put two in the water on number 16 at Harbor Hills yesterday and it was going to be one of my best games. Now I have to wait for the hurricane to pass before I get to go out again.


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