Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo Review

Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo Review
Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo on the GolfBlogger.

Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo Review

Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo
Grade A+
Teachers’ Comments: Good quality, good fit.
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On a round at Washtenaw Golf Club a week or so ago, I was randomly paired with a guy who was clad in Rhone Golf apparel.

It was a moment of serendipity because I had just received a package of apparel from Rhone for review. I recognized the shirt from the Triple X stitching that the company uses as its trademark. I mentioned that I had just learned of the brand and asked what he thought.

“It’s a lifestyle apparel brand,” he explained. “I really like their values.”

I never thought of a company having values beyond “maximizing profit for the shareholders.”

After the round, that comment led me down into a rabbit hole of inter-webs research on the whole concept of “lifestyle brands,” in which a company positions itself as representative of a particular set of values or experiences.

In Rhone’s case, their tag line is “Forever Forward, ” which sums up their rather ambitious agenda. Their website quotes Theodore Roosevelt’s classic “Man In The Arena” speech and then explains:

Forever Forward is our summation of that incredible perspective: To get up every time you fall, to advance after you fall behind, and to improve each and every day. It’s as much our tagline as it is our invitation to men everywhere. We invite you to join us as we strive to move Forever Forward.

At fifty-something, I don’t think I’m in Rhone’s usual target audience. Nevertheless, I have long been an admirer of TR and appreciate the sentiment. And it perfectly encapsulates golf.

But on to the apparel.

The Commuter Polo is an athletically cut shirt that comes in a nice selection of (mostly) soft colors. The fabric feels smooth and substantial. Mrs. GolfBlogger, an accomplished seamstress, felt the fabric and immediately said “that’s a very nice material.”

Score one for Rhone. Mrs. GolfBlogger doesn’t kid around when it comes to fabric.

The material Rhone is designed to be moisture wicking and cool. Rhone says that it is infused with “GoldFusion Anti-Odor Technology” and naturally releases wrinkles. As you might have guessed, the “Gold” in “GoldFusion” refers to actual particles of gold in the thread.

Most important, I think, is the stretch that the polo gets from its elastine content (elastine is the generic term for branded fabrics like Lycra and Spandex).

The stretch part is important because even though the Rhone Commuter Polo is a slim fit, I never felt as though it restricted my swing. The fabric is quite stretchy and the cut around the shoulders is such that it allows a full turn.

I actually took an extra shirt with me the first time I decided to test the Rhone polo, thinking that it might be too restrictive. The extra shirt stayed in the bag. The Rhone was perfect.

That said, I think that if you are a stocky sort of individual, you may want to order a size up.

Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo Review
The GolfBlogger “modeling” a Rhone Commuter Polo and Commuter Shorts

The Rhome Commuter Shorts are in my mind absolutely perfect golf shorts. They’re flexible, cool to wear and sharp looking.

The Rhone shorts come in a variety of colors, such as stone, iron, khaki, three shades of blue, a coral and a green.

As with the Rhone Polo, the shorts are manufactured from a flexible fabric. In this case, Rhone calls it “Flex -Knit”. The waist and seat have plenty of give for even the largest of turns.

To increase comfort — and frankly to prevent unsightly bunching — the shorts have a gusset sewn in. All shorts with athletic aspirations should have gussets.

The best thing about the Rhone Commuter Short is the wide variety of sizes available. Waist sizes are 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38 and 40. Inseam sizes are 7″, 9″ and 11″

Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo Review
Hidden media pocket on the Rhone Commuter Shorts

Most shorts that I find are in even waist sizes. I, however, have for many years been perfectly situated in an oddly numbered waist size. The even size down is uncomfortably small; the even size up is noticeably large. Similarly, I found the perfect inseam size for my tastes.

Rhone’s Commuter Shorts offer the exact fit that I — and likely most others — need. You’re out of luck if you’re a 29, 37 or 39, but I am sure those are edge cases.

Two nice touches on the shorts are a “media pocket” and a “security pocket.

Rhone Commuter Shorts and Polo Review
Hidden security pocket inside the back right pocket.

The media pocket inside the front left pocket has been useful for storing my Garmin G12 GPS unit. I also think it would be great to keep a ball mark or tool. In that pocket, they’re handy, but not flopping around in a pocket bottom while I walk.

The back right pocket has a well-hidden zippered security pocket. That’d be a good place for a few bills for the beverage cart and tips.

Inside the waistband of the shorts is the message “Lean Forward To The Next Crazy Adventure.”

It is almost as though they have observed my golf game 🙂

Having walked several rounds with the Rhone Commuter shorts, I have decided I want a bunch more of them in my closet.

Both the Rhone Commuter Polo and Rhone Commuter Shorts come highly recommended.

The Rhone Commuter Polo and Rhone Commuter Shorts review was first published on July 1, 2021 on GolfBlogger.Com.

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