Rolex Ads and Timexes

imageI was taking a couple of practice swings in my classroom before school and a Rolex ad I’d heard on the radio began running through my head … here’s how I think it goes

There’s no better way to study the world’s best golf swings than to watch them side by side on the range. Move down the line from Arnold Palmer, to Fred Couples, to Phil Mickelson, and you notice not just the differences, but the similarities, like their wonderful balance, rhythm …

Balance and rhythm—that’s the key, isn’t it. And that’s something I can work on with “dry” swings during the winter off months. The ceiling in my classroom is plenty high, but I’ve got to be careful not to hit the tile floor.

On a related note, while I’m sure that I will never be able to buy a Rolex, Amazon has some basic Timex pieces right now at up to 20%.

Timex Watch Sale On Amazon

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