Sabbatini Salts Tour’s Open Wound

Going into the US Open, it’s worth noting Rory Sabbatini’s one man protest against slow play at last weekend’s Booz Allen. While his actions have been criticized roundly, I haven’t heard anyone dispute his central thesis: that golf pace of play is far too slow.

Slow play has been a bugaboo of the Tour for some time. And it’s only going to get worse at the US Open, where rounds can extend into six hour marathons.

Rather than criticizing Sabbatini, maybe we should be celebrating him. Maybe it’s time for more players to take a stand against slow play.

I am reminded that a few years ago, Fulton Allem sent a pointed message to Bob Estes about slow play when he signed his scorecard: “You are too slow,” he wrote.

Ultimately, though, responsibility for this lies with Tour and USGA officials. For the sake of the game, they’ve simply got to do something about this. The USGA prides itself on being the caretaker of the game; maybe their premier event is the place to make their stand on this issue.

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  1. I really don’t want to see the rude things that go on in most major sports start to take place in golf and this seemed to be one of those. Officials are there for a reason.


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