Salted Nut Roll “The Official Snack of Golf” Review

Salted Nut roll
Salted Nut Roll

Salted Nut Roll “The Official Snack of Golf” Review

Salted Nut Roll “The Official Snack of Golf”
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: As a peanut fan, I really enjoyed this bar.

When it comes to on-course snacks, my standby long has been an apple. Apples are filling, sweet, portable and — unlike a candy bar — don’t melt in the summer heat.

The horrors of opening opening a candy bar on the course, only to find that it has liquefied in the bag, apparently made an impact on golf distribution company ForeFun. The company is now selling a salted nut roll, which they brand as “The Official Snack of Golf.” ForeFun touts the bar’s eight grams of protein, “right amount of carbs,” touch of sweetness and ability to withstand the heat in making the Salted Nut Roll the perfect golf course snack.

Salted Nut Roll
The Original Salted Nut Roll

ForeFun’s Salted Nut Roll consists of peanuts and caramel wrapped around a nougat center. My favorite candy bar long has been the “Payday,” so this is right in my wheelhouse. I like the crunchiness and salt combined with the sweetness.

If you’re from the Midwest, and the ForeFun Salted Nut Roll looks familiar, you are correct. ForeFun’s Salted Nut Roll is in fact an unapologetic rebranding of the Pearson’s Nut Roll. Pearson’s also sells a version with a peanut butter center and one with a chocolate covering. For people outside the midwest, Pearson’s probably is best known for their Bit-o-Honey bar.


Nutritional information for the Salted Nut Roll

From a health point of view, the Salted Nut Roll is not exactly going to set a nutritionist’s heart aflutter. It’s got 240 calories, of which 100 are from fats. There are 20 grams of sugar to go with the 8 grams of protein.  It is also gluten free.

In comparison, a Snickers has 250 calories (108 from fat), 27 grams of sugar and 4 grams of protein. The Kind Nuts and Sea Salt bar that I like has 200 calories (130) from fat, 5 grams of sugar and 6 grams of protein.

Still, no one is eating a candy bar for nutrition. On the course, what I really want is something to stop the munchies and give me enough energy to finish out the walk. In that case, The Salted Nut Roll is a good fit.


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