Saris Cycling Sucks At Customer Service

Recently, a small plastic strap on a Saris bicycle rack for my car broke. Thinking it would be a simple fix, I found the piece on the website priced at a reasonable $4. Then I discovered that the shipping and handling on this part is $10—more than twice the cost of the part.

So I contacted their “customer service” to complain. Here was their response:

Thanks for contacting Saris Cycling Group. I do apologize that we are not able to ship that part out at a lower cost. As a manufacturer we don’t do a lot of direct shipments, so are small parts have a flat rate to cover processing and shipping. If you only need one part, you may want to look to your local Saris dealer and they will likely be able to help you get that piece at a lower cost. Let me know if you have any other questions.

In other words, customer service is an annoying expense, and we don’t care.

My local bike stores told me that they only order from Saris once or twice a year (I wonder why …) and it would be several months before they placed another order.

My recommendation: Don’t buy anything from Saris.

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1 thought on “Saris Cycling Sucks At Customer Service”

  1. “so are small parts have a flat rate…” Apparently their grammar needs some work too. Of course my employer sends out letters every month to our customers with the wrong ‘principal/principle’ used. I really can’t stand that but they won’t fix it. Too hard to change the programming.


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