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Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Practical, comfortable

Each year that I coached the high school girls golf team, my players would spend some “together time” assembling abacus-like scorekeepers from beads and string to hang on their bags. I keep scores in my head and can give you the blow-by-blow for the last dozen rounds I’ve played, so I never really understood the point. (I think, however, that the point had nothing to do with scoring and everything to do with sporting team colors and togetherness).

Still, if you’re not a golf-score savant (Mrs. GolfBlogger would argue that it’s “idiot” savant) like myself, you may appreciate the utility of the Scoreband multi sports scoring watch.

Comprised of a small digital watch in a silicon band, the Scoreband not only tells time, but also keeps score for golf and tennis. In addition, there’s a “universal” counter for other sports (card games?). The watch bands come in black or white, with a variety of colors for the buttons top and bottom. Mine is black with an orange face and looks quite nice.

The scorekeeping is implemented very well. To switch from time mode to score keeping, press the silver button on the right. In golf mode, you press the top button once for each stroke. Pressing and holding the bottom button adds the number in the top row to the bottom row. You also could use the universal counter to track something like fairways hit, or putts.

Scoreband has a number of other suggested uses for the universal counter, such as:

Baseball Pitch Counter: AllScore mode will easily keep track of number of pitches thrown

Driving Range / Putting Green / Practice: Use AllScore mode to count total number of balls hit and number of good shots hit

Head Counter: Bus Drivers / Flight Attendants / Teachers / Camp counselors / store managers use AllScore mode to count passengers / students / campers / shoppers

Inventory Counter: Use AllScore mode to count inventory

Medication Counter: Use AllScore mode so you don’t lose track of how many times you’ve taken your medication

Lap Counter: Use AllScore mode to count laps run or walked

Fish Counter: Use AllScore mode to count fish and know when you’ve reached limit

Baby: Use AllScore mode to count number of ounces you feed baby per day

BlackJack: Someone mentioned this, but we can’t condone counting cards!

Relationship Scorekeeper: Use AllScore mode to keep track of positive and negative points between you and your significant other wink

That last one I swear will get you into trouble.

In addition to the watch and scorekeeping functions, the manufacturers have “infused” the Scoreband with “beneficial negative ion minerals.”

I’ve been wearing the Scoreband for several days and find it to be very comfortable. But its actually a bit strange, as I rarely wear a watch these days. I find myself still reaching for my cellphone to check the time, even when there’s a watch on my wrist.

Such are the habits of the 21st century.

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