Skillest Black Friday Deal: Golf Lessons Anywhere, Anytime

Skillest Black Friday Deal: Golf Lessons Anywhere, Anytime

GolfBlogger Patron Skillest has a great Black Friday deal of 20% off a lessons package or the first month. Visit their site for the details.

Skillest is an innovative marketplace app that transforms traditional golf lessons into an anytime, anyplace happening.

Using Skillest, golfers review an ever-growing list of instructors to find the perfect match. Students record their swing at any time and any place that is convenient and upload the video. The chosen coach then analyzes the video, and responds with detailed analysis, drills and instruction that the student can view and practice at their leisure.

Need to review a drill multiple times over the course of weeks? No problem. Just watch it again and again. Want to see that tip again while you’re on the course? Get out your phone and open the app.

Coaches and students also can schedule live online Zoom lessons.

Skillest breaks the traditional model of the scheduled one-hour, in-person, once-every- week-or-two lesson. Professional educators (such as myself) know that students benefit most with short lessons and frequent feedback. That is exactly what Skillest offers.

And because Skillest lessons are not tied to a time and place, it brings down the cost of instructions. Golfers with monthly subscriptions can often receive a month’s worth of instruction for the price of a single in-person lesson.

Get 20% Off On Skillest

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