Snake Eyes 600C Forged Iron Head Review

Snake Eyes 600C Forged Iron Head

Grade: A

I am not worthy of these clubs. But I play them nonetheless.

The Golfsmith Snake Eyes 600C heads are a beautiful set of forged iron heads. I assembled a set with Rifle graphite shafts, and have found them to be the best feeling heads I have ever used—even including the much more expensive major manufacturers’ clubs.

They also attract a lot of attention. Everyone I have played with at the club has noticed them and asked to take a swing. And everyone has liked them.

From the address position, these clubs look for all the world like blades. But they have a small cavity back that helps to compensate for off-center hits. They are nearly as forgiving as any of the other game-improvement irons I have tried (although I have by no means tried them all). But they are much, much better feeling. On a well-stuck ball, you just can’t believe how buttery it is. And on off center shots—well, the cavity back helps, but you also will be able to feel your mistakes.

Of all the clubs in my set, the 4-iron is my favorite. I normally don’t carry an iron longer than a 6, but I put the 4 back in the bag. I use it to smash balls out of the rough after an errant drive on long par 5s. My best shot with it: I eagled a par 5 from 180 out of the rough.

Another great feature of these heads is that they are designed to fit with the Snake Eyes 600B muscleback forged heads. That way, you can mix and match: used the musclebacks on the short irons, and the cavity backs on the long.

The only problem is that I am unworthy. I’m a 15 handicapper with a streaky game. When I’m on, I am capable of playing very well, indeed. But I have a nasty problem with a flying left elbow that causes bad shots—a problem that shows up on a couple of holes each round, ruining my scores. A good player would be able to make these clubs sing for their supper.

My pro friend tried my clubs for a round and liked them so much that he put together a set for himself. Then he promptly sold them right out of his bag to a client who made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

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