Sprigs of Solace

Sprigs of Solace

WHEN you are always "off' the line,'
And can't get down in less than nine,
'Tis soothing to remember then
The other chap may take a ten.

Nor do you feel one-half the ass,
Carving away great tufts of grass,
Once you observe the other side
Is similarly occupied.

To lose a perfect scarless ball
May steep your very soul in gall ; Yet life somehow regains its fizz
When your opponent loses his.

R. P. Keigwin, in Lyrics of the Links, published in 1921.

R.P. Keigwin (1883 – 1972) was an English writer, translator, schoolmaster and sportsman. He has been commended for his translations of the fairy tales of Danish author Hans Christian Anderson (the Little Mermaid, the Matchstick Girl, The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen et. al.).

He published two original books: Lanyard Lyrics and Lyrics for Sport. Keigwin played hockey for Essex and England, cricket and tennis for Gloucestershire and presumably, golf.

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