Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Review

Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Review
Srixon Z Star Golf Ball Review

Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Review

Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: I really like these balls and would happily play them on a regular basis.

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Over the winter, I received two dozen Srixon Z Star golf balls for review. Now, having played them in much more hospitable weather, I can safely say that I am a fan. I do not normally feel as though my slower swing speed gets the most out of premium balls, but this is an exception.

Included in the test were the Srixon Z Star and the Srixon Z Star XV. The Srixon Z-Star XV is a 102 compression, four piece ball billed as offering “tour-caliber” performance. The Srixon Z-Star is a 90 compression three piece ball with a “harder mantle layer for more ball speed, reduced spin and distance.”

Both Z-Star balls feature a “FastLayer Core,” which has thousands of layers that starts soft in the center and become firmer toward the outside . This, Srixon says, greatly enhances ball speed while maintaining exceptional feel at impact.

Meanwhile, the cover features a new “Spin Skin technology with Slide-Ring Material (SeRM)” This urethane compound is said to increase friction and maximize spin. At the same time, the compound is supposed to make the balls feel softer.

The idea, then, is that the ball is both hard AND soft: Hard enough to get distance performance, but soft enough for feel around the greens.

Srixon golf equipment are products of Sumitomo Rubber Industries (thus, the SRI in Srixon). It thus makes sense that they know a thing or two about rubber compounds.

The balls are (as of this writing) priced very similarly.

In practice, I found it impossible distinguish between the Z-Star and Z-Star XV. Both are plenty long and very straight. Both Z-Stars also “felt” the same to me in terms of compression. Both have a lot of “pop.”

Off the driver, the Z-Stars have a penetrating flight, with a lot of roll on the back end. With the irons, I get of lot of height. (Note that the longest iron I play is a 6.) In both cases, the Z-Star flight is exactly what I would want.

On full swings, the Srixon Z Star feels soft, without being squishy. With the short game, the balls are very responsive. A “feel player” should really like these.

Wedges stop very quickly for me. I do not swing nearly fast enough to spin a ball, so I am happy with a ball that just checks up quickly.

Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball
Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball

Part of the difficulty for me in distinguishing between the Z-Star balls likely is my relatively low swing speed. I believe that a player with a faster swing will be able to discern the difference between the Srixon Z-Star and Srixon Z-Star XV.

The Srixon Z-Star line likely is aimed at players with higher swing speeds than I possess. That they still perform well — and that I feel as though I’m not losing anything in the bargain — speaks well of them.

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