Swing Reminders


Swing Reminders

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comment: Simple and effective

Swing Reminders are a brilliantly simple way to help keep you focused during a round. The product consists of a box of wooden nickels imprinted with tried and true golf swing tips: visualize, slow takeaway, tuck your right elbow and so on. Before a round, you pick a reminder or two and stick them in your pocket. Then, whenever you reach for a tee or ball marker, you’ll also pull out the wooden token and refocus on the tip.

It’s a neat idea; I wonder why no one has thought of it before.

Thanks also to the folks at Swing Reminders for their donation to the South Arbor Academy charity auction.

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2 thoughts on “Swing Reminders”

  1. Swing Reminders . . . what a GREAT idea.  Now I can throw away my memo pad and simply pick the reminder I want to concentrate on during a round or pass a few to my father-in-law who could use a few dozen in his pocket.

    Just kidding dad . . .

    Seriously, great product and highly recommended.



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