Tad Moore Golf Tracker Watch

I absolutely can’t play golf with a watch on, so I really can’t seem myself using this. But if you do play with a watch, this might just be the ticket.

Ths little digital wonder not only keeps track of strokes putts and your score like other scorekeeper watches, it also computes your handicap.

Before your round, you select a pre-set course, or imput a new one with its name, rating and par for each hole. Then, while playing you enter the stokes and putts. After the round, the watch uses this data to display your current handicap.  It of course keeps track of twenty rounds becuase handicaps are figured on the basis of your best ten out of the last 20 rounds.

I love gadgets. I just wish this one came in a belt loop model.

Tad Moore Golf Handicap Tracker Watch

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2 thoughts on “Tad Moore Golf Tracker Watch”

  1. I got one of these watches for Xmas, So far I have struggled to set it up but it doesn’t help when the instruction manual is the size of a stamp, But I’m sure once I have set it up this will be a useful item

  2. Great christmas gift for me as a newcomer in golfsport.
    Unfortunately user manual in different languages like japanese, chinese, french, english etc. but not in german.

    can you provide me with a user manual in german language?

    Thank you


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