Golf News Roundup: Jimemez Breaks Leg; Tiger Turns 37; PGA Tour Starts Anew

A broken leg in a skiing accident will cost Miguel Angel Jimenez at least five … Read more.

What’s Wrong With Tiger In The Majors?

Here’s my theory: His mojo was destroyed by YE Yang. He hasn’t won a Major … Read more.

Tiger Woods At The Major Championships

Tiger Woods at the Major Championships: Career Professional Majors: 56 Cuts Made: 53 Missed Cuts: … Read more.

Tiger and Phil Together Again

Tiger And Phil will play together in the next-to-last group at Pebble Beach today. Surprisingly, … Read more.

Tiger Makes The Weekend!

Amazing, isn’t it? Not that Tiger made the weekend, but that it’s news. Tiger shot … Read more.

Bleacher Report Catches Up To GolfBlogger

I’ve been writing for quite some time that Tiger will never win another major and … Read more.

Falling From The Grace of the Golfing Gods

I think that everyone soon may have to accept the notion that Tiger Woods will … Read more.

Haney Resigns As Tiger’s Coach

Hank Haney has resigned as Tiger’s coach, and he wants to make it known that … Read more.

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