TaylorMade Jetspeed Rescue Clubs

TaylorMade Men’s Jetspeed Golf Rescue

TalorMade’s Jetspeed Rescue club features what TaylorMade says is a more compact and efficient version of the SpeedPocket used on its drivers. Combined with the JetSteel face, this is supplsed to create faster ball speeds for longer distances. A low-forward center of gravity design is supposed to promote an optimal low-spin launch.

I find it interesting that—after years of moving the weight low and back in club designs—TaylorMade now is moving the weight forward. The old theory was that moving the weight back helped players get the ball into the air. Now, it apparently is about reducing spin. I actually think that would work for me. I’ve never had a problem getting the ball in the air. My problem is that the ball climbs too fast and then falls out of the sky, causing lost distance. I’m told that’s an indication of too much backspin.

You can also find the TaylorMade Jetspeed hybrids on Ebay:

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