Thank You To GolfBlogger’s June 2021 Patrons

Thank You To GolfBlogger’s June 2021 Patrons

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I am grateful for the continuing support of Presenting Sponsor Golf Anytime, a Michigan based online retailer golf retailer.

If you have ever thought about a purchasing an indoor putting green, golf hitting net or indoor simulator, check out the selection at Golf Anytime.

One of Golf Anytime’s top recommendations is the TruGolf Simulator. These top-of-the-line golf simulators feature TruTrack and Truflight launch monitors, 4k graphics and a vast library of 3d courses.

When I finally retire to the Northern end of Michigan, I will need to put one of these in the garage.

I’d also thank Members of the Gallery for supporting the blog with their $3 a month contributions:

I would be eternally grateful for other readers who have the wherewithal and desire to help support this blog. If you’d like to be a patron of GolfBlogger.Com, you can find the complete details at our Patreon Page.

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