The Snow Is Melting At Washtenaw GC

The Snow Is Melting At Washtenaw GC

After several days of blizzard conditions and bone chilling cold, it is warming up a bit in Southeast Michigan. It reached 40 degrees today at GolfBlogger World Headquarters, and at nearby Washtenaw Golf Club (course link) the white blanket of snow is melting away.

It looks like temperatures will reach fifty on Friday. Most of next week should be in the upper 40s. I am hopeful that I can get out to play a few holes somewhere. There are a number of courses in the area that remain open all year round.

With any luck, I’ll be able to extend my streak of consecutive months of golf in Michigan to 95. I really would like to get it to 100.

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  1. Yes, the snow is going quickly with the temperatures staying above freezing during the night. Now the search for a place to play begins. I do not think Fox Hills stays open year round anymore. That formerly was my “go to.” I don’t like the “Flat 7” at Huron Hills. Maybe Washtenaw or Lake Forest will open for a few days.


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