The $75,000 Set of Golf Clubs

I’ve been dithering over spending $400 on a new set of clubs this season. The Cobra Amp Cells in blue have caught my fancy. But if I were to hit the lottery and suddenly have a lot of stupid money, I might consider a set of Honma hand made clubs.

From Marketwatch:

Honma, a 54-year-old company, describes the clubs as the work of golf “artisans.” The company says more than 100 craftsmen are involved in the production of each piece. Some are busy polishing club heads to exact specifications — as Honma says on its website, variations of 1/100th of a millimeter “can make all the difference” in terms of how they affect a golfer’s performance. Others craft shafts by hand-winding carbon fabric around an iron core. The idea is to deliver a club that reflects a certain grace and elegance, but that is also capable of providing a powerful swing. As Travel & Leisure magazine described company founder Hiro Honma’s goal: “He wanted his customers to blister the ball.”

The clubs are made to order (expect about an eight-week turnaround time). And they’re decorated with pricier materials, including platinum and 24-karat gold. The five-star series’ fans include such boldface names as Donald Trump, Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson and Marc Anthony. Trump has said of the clubs: “I think they’re great. I find they play very, very well. They’re very beautiful clubs, nicer than any I’ve seen.”

At $75 grand, they had better be good.

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