The Daly Planet

I just got finished watching The Daly Planet, John Daly’s new “reality show” (TiVo is a wonderful thing). And the verdict is ….

Its not bad. Not terrific, but not bad. And certainly a cut above The Golf Channel’s abyssmal Big Break.

The first episode follows Big John as he spends a day promoting the opening of his new golf course at Niagara Falls. He signs signatures, and poses for pictures, then takes a ride to a new location where he signs things and poses for pictures. He participates in a golf cart parade (that was pretty funny looking), visits a Hooters (of course) and then finishes the day by taking twenty shots at hitting a ball over Niagara Falls.

The shot was three hundred yards and change, but all of his attempts fell well short. The mist surely slowed things down.

The biggest dramatic moment was when John took a ride in a helicopter. He clearly wasn’t happy with it from the beginning, but then the pilot announced that the engine was overheating …

I liked it enough that I’m going to set the TiVo to get it again next week. Its only a half hour, and when you blast through the commercial on fast forward, it becomes just a brief diversion.

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  1. I like the Daly Planet, it let’s people know how down to earth John really is.

    Be sure and keep watching, i hear they may film 13 more episodes instead of the originally planned 13, so we get 26 episodes.

    Hit it straight!


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