The Money Majors

If you subscribe to the cynical theory that it’s all about the money, the list of golf’s “Majors” would look quite different. Forbes has a list of the top twenty, and these would be the real majors:

The Players – Purse of at least $9.5 million
WGC Bridgestone – $8.5 million
WGC Cadillac – $8.5 million
WGC Accenture Match Play – $8.5 million

In comparison, the four existing Majors have payouts of around $8 million each.

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1 thought on “The Money Majors”

  1. That’s quite amazing given that the majors are the real prize for golf’s top professionals. At the end of the day they are more interested in the prestige of winning the tournament and not the money. I don’t think it would matter how much they paid for winning the majors, the players would still enter them.


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