The Most Famous Hole In Golf?

Pinning down golf’s most famous holes

by Garry Smits, The Florida Times-Union

Before the par-3 17th hole of the TPC at Sawgrass Stadium Course pushed its way into the public consciousness through The Players Championship, what hole did PGA Tour players consider the most famous?
The answers are in Augusta, Ga., Pebble Beach, Calif., and at the birthplace of golf, in St. Andrews, Scotland.
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What’s the most famous hole in golf? Thanks to the wall-to-wall tv coverage, I’d have to say Sawgrass #17. It also may be one of the most imitated. Offhand, I can think of half-a-dozen courses in my area that brag about a having a hole like the 17 at TPC. I can’t think of any that boast one like the 12th at Augusta or the Road Hole. And, although I can think of two that have holes that have drawn comparisons to Pebble (both in “Up North” Michigan), they aren’t in the forefront of consciousness.

I don’t much like holes like Sawgrass #17, though. There’s no thinking involved. Just align your clubface, let it rip and hope for the best. I like a hole that has some more strategic decisions for the player to make.

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