The Return of Golf Punk


Anyone remember GolfPunk magazine? I first spotted it on the magazine rack of a local 7-11 some ten years ago and enjoyed reading several of the issues. It was refreshing and different, even if it seemed aimed at a different demographic than the one into which I probably fit (it aims at young and stylish. I have never been either. Even when I was young) . Then the 7-11 stopped carrying it, and I forgot about it.

As it turns out, the magazine lived from 2003 to 2006, when the founding team left the effort.

GolfPunk now has been revived as a free online digital magazine. To quote one of the things I most love to hear the characters on Dr. Who say: “Brilliant!” (definitely an expression from across The Pond. I only hear Whovians say it over here).

You can see issue one of GolfPunk here:

I think they’ve done a great job transferring what I remember of the look of the original GolfPunk to the screen. Just go to the link and follow the simple magazine navigation instructions (pay attention to the articles that go up and down. If you only go side to side, you’ll miss some stuff).

On suggestion, though. There needs to be a form of some sort where you can enter an email to be reminded of the publication of subsequent issues. I don’t want to miss one.

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