The Scotsman Sticks It To The PGA

The Scotsman takes the PGA to task for its new scheduling plan, and predicts that golf will go the way of tennis.

Its a scathing opinion piece, and you can tell where the entire piece is going by reading the first paragraph:

A FUNNY thing happened in golf last week. The most powerful organisation in the game, America’s PGA Tour, surrendered. Faced with a long-obvious truth that, after the PGA Championship in mid-August, the vast majority of Uncle Sam’s nieces and nephews are interested only in those sports involving helmets – specifically colourfully-dressed characters chasing a mini-rugby ball or anonymous men driving souped-up cars in endless circles – commissioner Tim Finchem announced that, from 2007, the structure of the PGA Tour will undergo drastic surgery. This will amount to, in his words, “the most impactful series of events in the history of the sport”!

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