Jumbo Ozaki Bankrupt

Japan Today has a story about the sad fall of standout Japanese golfer Jumbo Ozaki. Having not won a tournament in three years, Ozaki declared bankrupcy following the collapse of his side businesses.

It’s sad, but that’s not what’s so interesting about the article. What’s interesting is that the new stars in Japanese golf are the female golfers.

“Once, we could expect to sell 20,000 drivers of the same sort used by a male pro,” said a golf equipment industry representative, “but recently, the driver that Miyazato uses — the V-iQ — has become a blockbuster, selling hundreds of thousands. Manufacturers are turning to women golfers to endorse their products and the men are being squeezed out.”

Could something like that be on its way in the United States? I doubt it. But there is no arguing that the new breed of female golfers have an appeal of the type not seen since … well … the young Tiger Woods.

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