The Three Most Dreaded Words In Golf

There’s a great discussion over on Linked In about the three most dreaded words in golf. For those who aren’t on Linked In, here’s a sampler:

You’re Still Away

The Dreaded Snowman

It Never Moved

You Da Man!

Hitting A Provisional

Need More Balls

Out of Bounds

We’ll Find It

Got The Shanks

Another Three Putt!

Is That Thunder?

Do you have any to add?

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6 thoughts on “The Three Most Dreaded Words In Golf”

  1. The one I hear most often, and dread… “Ya Gotta Hit It Alice!”
    nothing worse than a putt that’s right on line for the hole and runs short! $#@%!

  2. “Not enough club” usually followed with “Shoulda hit 7-iron”

    OR, even worse – “too much club!”

    Also, I hate to hear “on the beach” – it’s always better when they say “you are dancing!” or “on the dance-floor!”.

  3. Oh, I forgot about “Coast to coast”
    which is my phrase for when I fly it out of one greenside bunker into the bunker on the other side of the green.

  4. “On the green!”

    “Hit it again.”

    And one I usually hear at my military course:

    “Needs more beer”


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