The UAW Country Club

imageWhen the automakers and the UAW were begging for a bailout low interest loan to keep the US automobile industry alive, Congress got on its high horse and castigated the Big Three executives for arriving in Washington on private jets. (Of course, the dolts in Washington didn’t even bother to hold hearings for the Wall Street brokers, let alone ask them about airplanes … but I digress)

Given the atmosphere, its probably a good thing they didn’t know about the UAW’s golf resort at Black Lake (Onaway)in “Up North” Michigan. The course, which was designed by Rees Jones, is ranked at 35 on Golf Digest’s list of the 100 Best Public Courses in America. It features condos, conference centers, classrooms,  a fully-equipped campground, boat ramp and dock, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, two full-length basketball courts, and a sauna—among other amenities.

It’s reported to be valued at $27 million on the UAW books.

Black Lake has been on my list of courses to play for some time—it’s not far from my “Up North” summer retreat. But the $85 price tag (very steep for Michigan) has in the past kept me away.

But the cat now is out of the bag. A recent CNSN news article reveals the whole unsavory truth about the UAW’s resort, which is just part of the $1.2 billion the union has in assets.

I hope they aren’t forced to close Black Lake before I play it.

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