The Ultimate Unusual Golf Buddy Trip


I think I’ve discovered the basis for the must unusual, ultimate golf buddy trip. Instead of renting out a couple of hotel rooms, how about renting an entire village?

The town of Megyer, Hungary is up for rent for the very reasonable price of $800 a day. That price includes seven homes with room for 39 occupants, four streets, a bus stop, a barn, a chicken yard, six horses, two cows, three sheep and ten acres of farmland. If you can get thirty nine people to split the costs, it’s just $20 a day.

There would be a lot of money left over for booze and cigars after that.

Rolyal Balaton

There’s no golf in the village, but I’ve found three courses within a half an hour’s drive: Golf Club Imperial and Rolyal Balaton, both of which are on the 47-mile long Lake Balaton. Inland is Forest Hills. All three look pretty nice from the photos.

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