The World’s Highest Par 3

The 19th Hole at the Legend Golf and Safari Resort in South Africa is a one-of-a-kind: a 900 yard shot from a 1,410 foot mountaintop to a green shaped like the continent of Africa. A ball hit from this mountain would take nearly 30 seconds to reach the green.

In the video, Padraig Harrington and Raphaël Jacquelin take their shots at the hole, with Harrington actually making par.

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4 thoughts on “The World’s Highest Par 3”

  1. Cool video.  It is pretty amazing that from that height and distance, both players were as close as they were.

    The only experience even remotely similar locally in Michigan, is playing from the back tee on #9 at the Jackel in Brighton (257 yards, Par 3, a drop of about 200 feet or so).  While it certainly does not take 30 seconds for the shot to land, it is in the air for some time.  At the time, it seemed like we were really high in the air.  Then one compares the 200 or so feet to 1,410 feet and it appears we were on an ant hill.

  2. I watched his video a few times and couldnt fathom playing a hole like that. Taking a helicopter to tee off, wow!!! This course is designed hole by hole by some of golfings best. I have played a course where the tee box was 112 ft above the hole, but seriously a helicopter ride. And how about the prize of a million dollars if you sink a hole in one on it. Happy Golfing

  3. What are the rules when your ball plugs in the green and all you can see is a tiny dot of white? At 98 ft/sec/sec increase in speed, a ball has to be going pretty fast when it hits the green completely vertically.


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