Tiger Can’t Remember Who He Was Playing

I just heard a curious comment from Tiger in an interview after his narrow victory at Doral. Roger Maltby asked Tiger “When was the last time you played the last hole for bogey, just to get it done?”

Tiger: “Uh. Firestone. I was playing—I don’t know who it was for the playoff. But on the last hole, I just laid up with a two iron down there and wedge down there. The same thing. I figured if he makes three that would have been a helluva three, but five wins for me.”

So he can remember the course, the hole, the clubs used and the relative score … but not the player.

I’m pretty sure he was talking about last year’s contest against Stewart Cink in which Tiger won on the fourth playoff hole. Or maybe the previous year in which he had a narrow victory against Chris DiMarco.

I guess neither made much of an impression on the striped one. I wonder if ANYONE he plays with makes an impression on him.

Hey Tig. That woman you got pregnant… Her name is Elin.

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