Tiger, Golf Digest Part Ways

Another loss for Tiger: After 13 years, Tiger’s columns—such as they were—no longer will appear in Golf Digest. It was his second longest commercial affiliation, behind only Nike. Indications are that he was paid $2 million a year for the “advice.”

The fallout continues. Golf Digest joins Accenture, Gillette, AT&T, and Gatorade in dropping Tiger as corporate pitchman. And in recent days, it turns out he’s no longer going to be on the cover of his own EA video game. Tiger Woods Golf with no Tiger Woods in evidence.

Still, its hard to feel sorry for a guy who has banked a billion dollars for playing golf.

If Golf Digest is looking for someone to replace, Tiger, I volunteer to do the job for a tenth of what he did, with better writing and a focus on stuff the ordinary golfer actually can do.

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