Tiger needs a caddy willing to slap him on the course when he acts like a spoiled brat

John at GolfDashBlog doesn’t mince any words.

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3 thoughts on “Tiger needs a caddy willing to slap him on the course when he acts like a spoiled brat”

  1. How about Jim Nantz?  http://sports.yahoo.com/golf/blog/devil_ball_golf/post/Jim-Nantz-criticizes-Tiger-Woods-vocal-tantrums?urn=golf,233852

    Nantz’s is on the tantrums alone and doesn’t address the post round interview. 

    GolfDashBlog really hits the more critical point.  It is his sportsmanship in the face of defeat which is the real problem.  Yeah, he said he would work on the tantrums and club tossing – but those are in the heat of the moment and really are way too hard to control.  Also Stevie or whomever doesn’t need to distract Tiger during the round.  I disagree with CBS for NOT cutting the mike, or even not having a 7-second delay to bleep and such – and as for the father/son at the tee, well if you are going to follow Tiger, it isn’t exactly a secret of what you might hear.

    But the spoiled brat at the end of the round was the problem.  His whole a$$holian nature has not changed one bit.  Maybe it has even got a little worse.  Even if he doesn’t like Phil, to not congratulate him is poor.  To not point out the great amount of talent in the days battle from AK to Freddie was wrong.

    As for me, I also curse too much on the course.  I got better for a while when my little girl was about 2, her frustration utterance was “BRAH .. BRAH”, for a while I successfully stole that during my game.  But now I am back with the S**T, which I can usually temper by just saying “Holy Crap”.

    I am going to try and change my frustration cry to “Tiger, You Suck!”


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