“Tiger Ready To Quit”

The tabloid “The Sun” is reporting that Tiger is ready to quit golf to save his marriage.

Fat chance.

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8 thoughts on ““Tiger Ready To Quit””

  1. Think at this point Daly could get suspended again for six months? or is it more likely that Finchem is actively trying to get Daly exemptions?  I am guessing that the tour might even be trying to call Michelle Wii to come play a few rounds.

  2. Not a chance.  The tour might consider suspending Daly for being a bad influence on Tiger though, if Tiger would come play.  Actually, I am sure that Finchem is wishing that all Tiger did was fire a caddy mid round, get drunk, show up late, get drunk some more, and make just a normal redneck ass of himself instead of the worlds biggest ass.  Someone should point out to Finchem that Woods behavior makes JD look fairly tame afterall and ask if he is considering suspending Tiger.  You won’t get the Golf Channel to ask that, but then again, is anyone getting to talk to Finchem?

    With the talk of Elin wanting Tiger to quit, I want to hear Finchem say that she wishes Elin and Tiger the best as they focus on their marriage!

  3. Fat chance he will save his marriage.  If this is even true, Elin is just screwing with him at this point- as well she should.

    However – This might not be an all bad idea for him.  The intensity of the spotlights would be huge in 2010 – so much worse than the normal amount of focus he would get (most likely, we would not even see any other golfer during TV coverage, unless Phil goes topless, or the ghost of Bobby Jones shows up to play).

    Even if they end up split in a month, Elin ends up in Norway with the kids and Tiger ends up on Privacy by himself (or with his harem, but out of view) – and then in six months or longer, he comes out and says that regardless of his effort that his sins were too great to overcome.  At that point, perhaps he could come back and put some focus back on the golf. 

    The article contains one sentance I don’t understand.  It says that he could play once the kids are old enough to tag along with him and Elin.  Huh?  He has a billion dollars and wants to play 15 times a year.  He can move two toddlers and a wife to various five star hotels in a tour bus or on private jets.  I can’t see what is keeping him tied to the home in Orlando.  Hell, Privacy can probably get within helicopter distance of at least 10 of those tournaments.

  4. I doubt that.  Oprah is about 200% larger than Tigers other girlfriends.

    I think Elin should drag Tiger onto Springer.  That seems much more appropriate given his behavior.

  5. We don’t know what he will do. He has proven that…time and again. But, she might agree to life with him if they move to Sweden. And, she might agree to his playing the Majors, at least until the kids are grown up. This is what rumors indicate.

    Knowing what he has done, if this ends up true, Elins’ ability to put things behind her, to forgive, to start over, will be nothing short of amazing to me. But I wonder if life with a husband that is so flippant about the harm he does to his family can ever really change. Either you have compassion or you don’t.

    This guy has none. It is all about him. He has proven that in golf and outside golf.

  6. Again, I hardly believe the reports, but … I’ve said for years that we would—sooner rather than later—see the day when Tiger only plays in the Majors and perhaps one or two warmups.

    The Tour has to be afraid. Very afraid.


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