Time Acquires Golf dot Com

Time, Inc. has bought the website Golf dot Com.

Golf Magazine publisher Chris Wightman will run Golf.com, while Golf.Com’s Michael Lazerow will become general manager of Golf.com and GolfOnline.

Time, or course, also owns Golf Magazine, GolfOnline, Sports Illustrated’s Golf Plus, and SI.com. It apparently views Golf dot Com as a spoke around the hub of its vast golfing web empire.

I’m a free market guy—my liberal Ann Arbor friends say I’m a raging conservative—but I wonder if all of this consolidation is good for the golf fan. Golf Magazine now is a wholly owned subsidiary of the PGA Tour. And the rest of the major golf media is controlled by the bloated and flatulent Time, Inc. (As you can tell, I’m no fan of Time, Inc. But then, what do you expect from a conservative?)

So where do you go to find an alternate point of view?

To the Golf Bloggers, of course! I’m in the process of setting up a page of RSS feeds where you can see the headlines of what my fellow Golf Bloggers are talking about.

For the major media, you can also turn to the BBC. Or the Scotsman. Or Fox Sports. I’m working on headline feeds for these, too.


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