Tin Cup Golf Ball Marker Review


Tin-Cup Golf Ball Marker

Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: This would make a great Father’s Day gift. There are so many neat designs, I’m tempted to collect them.

The Tin-Cup golf ball marker is a simple idea, elegantly executed.

I’m not sure why the site bills it as a “golf ball marker,” though. A marker is a writing tool. The Tin-Cup is a stencil. Tin Cup Golf Ball Stencil. There.

The cup looks to me quite a bit like a WWI Tommy’s helmet—a round cup with a wide flange. The stencil design is in the center. You just pop the ball into the center, then use an ultra fine Sharpie in your favorite color to fill in the shape.

Tin-Cups come in dozens of designs, from martini glasses, to dogs, flags and playing card suits. They also have a limited number of college logos. West Virginia wasn’t among them, so I went with the “Chesapeake” crab design (I was born and raised in Maryland). The company also will do custom logos.

As you can see from the photo, the design looks really good on the ball. It also only takes a couple of seconds to fill in.

The Tin-Cup has a hole in the flange to facilitate hanging it from your golf bag. I’ve got a spare carabiner, but need to find a chain or ring small enough, but with a big enough diameter to fit into the hole and clear the flange.

A few suggestions for the Tin-Cup people: 1) Do a Raven design. I’ll buy it.  2) Expand the Collegiate Designs 3) Offer limited edition designs—perhaps to commemorate Majors (a jacket design you could color green, or a big cup).

You can get them at the Tin-Cup site, or for a little cheaper at Amazon.


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