To Watch Or Not To Watch

To Watch The FedEx Cup or Not To Watch. That is the question.

The FedEx Cup point system is complicated, and football is in the air. So how do you know whether or not to watch the FedEx Cup?

Never fear. Golfblogger is here. I’ve created a handy flowchart to help you decide whether to watch the Fedex Cup or football. On Friday, just check the leaderboard and then refer to the chart below:

The whole thing is predicated upon the idea that I only watch sporting events where the outcome is in doubt. If Michigan is playing Appalachian State, there’s no sense in watching since the smaller team doesn’t have a chance. So if Tiger is in first on Friday, the outcome on Sunday is pretty much secure. If Phil or Steve are in contention, then it’s worth watching. If KJ or Rory are in the lead, then it’s only worth watching if Tiger is in the tank. If anyone else looks like they’re going to win, it’s not worth watching because Tiger can win simply by showing up.

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