Tour Edge Exotics EX 10 Hybrid Review

Exotics EX 10 Hybrid Review
Tour Edge Exotics EX 10 Hybrid

Tour Edge Exotics EX 10 Hybrid Review

Tour Edge Exotics EX 10 Hybrid
Tour Edge Exotics Clubs On Amazon

Grade: A+
Teachers’ Comments: Powerful. Versatile.

A couple of years ago, I abandoned fairway metals for the infinitely more versatile (and in my view easier-to-hit) hybrids. My current bag setup consists of 2 – 5 hybrids, and 6-SW traditional irons. I was thus very excited to receive one of the top-rated Tour Edge Exotics EX 10 hybrids for review.

Exotics EX 10 Hybrid Review

The Tour Edge Exotics EX 10 is a powerful, accurate and versatile club that deserves a look by every serious golfer.

Tour Edge has always flown a little under the radar when compared to companies such as TaylorMade and Callaway. The lack of presence is due almost entirely to the fact that Tour Edge eschews paying Tour players to play their clubs, choosing instead to spend their money on product development. I have long liked the company’s mid-west can-do ethos (it is based in Batavia, Illinois)

One result of Tour Edge’s investment in development is the Exotics line of clubs, comprising putters, wedges, irons, hybrids, fairway metals and drivers. What all of the Exotics line have in common are an emphasis on new material combinations to produce better performance.The EX10 hybrid that I tested features a new Japanese HT 980 high-tensile steel in the cup face, and a 450 SS hyper-steel body.

Exotics EX 10 Hybrid ReviewThe most prominent feature of the Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Hybrid is the “Slipstream Sole,” a wavy series of channels that are designed to offer stability at impact. The idea is similar to the rails that — to my knowledge — first appeared on the Cobra Baffler many years ago.

Exotics EX 10 Hybrid ReviewIn practice, I’ve found the Exotics EX 10 hybrid to be exceptionally accurate. I have come to trust the club completely. Since I am relatively short off the tee, the EX 10 gets a lot of use as the second shot into long par fours. I always seem to hit it solidly on line.

Ball flight is high and arcing. Firing at greens protected by fronting bunkers is not an issue. I can get the ball to land softly and stop.

Shots with the Exotics EX 10 hybrid are satisfyingly powerful. The EX 10 is as long as my (several years old) Cobra Baffler XL 2 hybrid, which has put me in a bit of a conundrum with regard to the makeup of my bag. I could pull the #2 hybrid and use the #3 Exotics and the #3 Cobra to cover the requisite distances. Or I could invest in an Exotics #2, and extend my range. The latter solution, though, will leave too large a gap between the Exotics #3 and my Cobra #4. And so it goes.

This is obviously an evil plot by Tour Edge to get me to replace my whole bag.

Tour Edge Exotics EX 10 Hybrid Specifications

There are other uses for the Exotics EX 10, as well. My favorite is a little punch shot out of the treeline back to the fairways. My home course has very narrow, tree lined fairways, which are a magnet for tee shots. The sole of the EX 10 is great for negotiating the uneven ground around the trees, ensuring good contact. I have also had good luck with it on tight lies around the greens where a wedge could possibly skip, and a putter would be insufficient to traverse the distance. A little pop gets the ball up, over and running toward the hole.

If there is a fault with the Exotics EX 10 hybrid, it lies with the way the grooves on the sole fill up with debris. The grooves are really too small for a tee, so I have had to rely on my golf pocketknife to clean them out.

Cleaning is a minor quibble, though, for a club that I like as much as the Exotics EX 10 hybrid.

The price on an Exotics EX 10 hybrid is eminently fair. At $179.99, the Tour Edge model is cheaper than the equivalent TaylorMade, Cobra and Callaway offerings.

If you struggle to hit long irons, or fairway metals (or both), hybrids are good weapons to put into your bag. And if you are thinking about a hybrid, you owe it to yourself to give the Tour Edge Exotics EX 10 hybrid a test drive.

Highly Recommended.

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