Travellers TSA Rights For Your Next Golf Holiday

If you’re taking a golf holiday, you just know that you’re going to have an encounter with that reprehensible bureaucracy, the TSA. I for one am absolutely convinced that I am not one whit safer as a result of TSA thugs conducting random aggressive pat downs and strip searches of blue haired grandmas and bodacious young blonde girls (there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that they deliberately pick attractive people for the pat downs. The Israelis manage to avoid even incidents like the shoe and underwear bombers (both of whom escaped TSA scrutiny), while not conducting random searches. They profile terrorist behavior, much like our police criminal profilers profile criminal behavior.

Here’s a file that may be useful: a handy guide to your rights under the TSA, with references to pages from the leaked TSA manual, as well as direct numbers for TSA supervisors.

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