Tru Align Swing Aid Review

imageTru Align

Grade: A

Update: You can take advantage of the summer 2012 sale on these by typing TAG25off as the promo code at checkout.

Observe a group of pros at a tournament driving range, and you’ll notice that they all seem to be working (at least in part) on alignment. Each and every one will have an alignment aid set up, whether it be a spare club, an old shaft, or some more high tech device. That the pros won’t practice without an alignment aid probably means you shouldn’t either.

You can put together your own collection of Rube Goldberg alignment tools, but I was lucky enough to recently acquire a product called The Tru Align Swing aid. I will admit to not not going to the range very often (when I have golf time, I prefer to play), but I made several special trips to try this device out and I like it very much.

The Tru Align consists of an orange plastic rod on a flat black base to which is connected a smaller white rod via a sliding, swivel joint. When using it, you slide the white rod down out of its housing and swivel it to a right angle. The orange rod sits on its base, pointing down the target line. The white rod points at your ball. That helps you set not only the alignment to the target line, but also the ball position. Then, as you hack away at the range balls, you can slide the ball indicator back and forth to fresh turf.

The Tru Align is very slim and very light, and actually should fit quite well into your bag for toting to the range. It’s also quite unobtrusive, unlike some of the medieval torture devices I’ve seen the more desperate golfers wielding. I’ve actually considered carrying the Tru Align on a future round and just setting it up in the fairway. I may try that this fall when the weather is cool and the local courses depopulated.


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