Trump Considers Cemetary At Trump National

imageDonald Trump contemplates selling cemetary plots at his high end Trump National Golf Course. Memberships for the living there cost $500,000. There’s no word on what it would cost for a plot on the proposed 1.5 acre cemetery. Golfers also may be able to have their ashes spread on the course.

As a (probably cheaper) alternative, a cemetery in Washington State has a design for a golf themed memorial park.

I actually think that there’s an additional revenue stream here for many golf courses. Many wouldn’t want graves alongside the fairways, but I should think charging people a fee to scatter their ashes on the course would be in the realm of possibility. Local ordinances probably would require permits, but I can’t imagine that would be a big issue. I’m sure that there are many golfers who would like to spend eternity on their favorite track. Courses could also put up a wall with plaques on it to commemorate the golfers whose ashes were scattered there. As the median funeral cost is around $6,500, that would be a great deal for many courses.


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