TRX Trac 460 Ti Driver


TRX Trac 460 Ti Driver

It is pretty obvious that GigaGolf’s TRX Trac 460 Ti driver is channeling TaylorMade’s SLDR. GigaGolf even compares its club to that model on the front page of its website.

At $99, the first impulse is to dismiss the club as just a cheap knockoff—the type contructed of aluminum and zinc that you find at shady “golf shows” in hotel lobbies.

A closer inspection of the TRX Trac’s stats suggests otherwise. It’s got a titanium body, and a forged VFT cup face. The VFT face, Gigagolf says, makes it consistently hotter than similar faces. They also say it makes the club more durable than a more typical piece welded model.

As with the SLDR, the Trac has a forward center of gravity and a sliding weight adjustment. What it doesn’t have is an adjustable hosel.

I’ve tested a couple of GigaGolf clubs over the years and have found them to be solid, if derivative. If you’re leery, they do have a 30-day play guarantee that should take the risk out of trying.

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